Complaint Investigations

Customer complaints are not only a measure of how your site is performing; they can be an enormous cost due to retailer charges. More than anything, they are a source of valuable information and the key to process improvement.

The correct investigation of customer complaints is essential to ensure you have the right information and that it is used to find the real source of the problem (and this is where many factories fail), then it is the action taken to minimise or prevent a recurrence that is the key to reducing those complaint numbers.

If you have issues with complaints then let us come and help you with the root cause investigation and analysis. Getting complaint numbers down is essential commercially and as part of your due diligence as well as being key to retaining customers.

If you want to do the work yourself then why not consider our complaint investigation training course. This will deliver the knowledge and systems to help you deal with your complaints diligently and effectively, reducing the time spent on them and reducing their numbers. As a result, your standing with the retailers goes up and your standing order for complaint charges goes down.

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