High Care

High Care processes by definition mean that getting it wrong can have serious detrimental effects on your customers and consumers alike. Having good, robust environmental standards and controls should mean high care = high confidence. How does your site measure up? Do you sleep easy at night, or do you worry about how easy it would be for things to go wrong in your process?

If this sounds like your factory then let GLL help you to bring the safety margins back into your processes. With advice on high care layouts through to their effective and safe day-to-day operation, we have the people to help you. We can provide assistance and advice as well as training and monitoring, along with specialist Microbiologists to help where there are specific issues to be resolved.

We can help to verify your processes to ensure they are robust and capable of delivering a safe and consistent product and advise on the measurement and control systems that are necessary to show due diligence.

GLL can also help with advice on high care barriers, air handling, personnel controls and other key high care areas.

Don't lose sleep; lose the worry by getting in touch.

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