Hygiene Systems

The hygiene program is often the nightmare for many sites (and Retailers!), especially in High Care facilities, often there is:

  • A lack of time for cleaning
  • A lack of staff
  • Engineering issues caused by poor cleaning
  • Quality issues due to poor hygiene
  • Production pressures to reduce cleaning

If these sound familiar then let GLL help you get rid of the nightmare.

A good hygiene program is the basis of good quality and pest prevention as well as a pre- requisite for any food factory. Our consultants have vast experience in putting in place effective, practical hygiene programs that work with production, engineering and planning alike. They also reduce the time spent on cleaning whilst achieving better standards and improved process efficiency, through improved reliability and waste reduction. We don't just tell you how to do it; we get in there with your staff and show them how it's done, getting them involved and training them as we go.

We also work with the leading names in cleaning chemical supplies and are able to call on their expertise as well, leading to more cost-effective solutions. Savings of over £20,000 per annum are not unusual.

Once we have the methods sorted then we can produce the correct schedules and work instructions to maintain the standard and ensure a culture of continuous improvement is in place.

Whilst we are evaluating the hygiene program, we also look at the other factors that affect its success, e.g. production planning, materials handling, interaction between production and the hygiene team, because if these are not put right at the same time then success will be short-lived.

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