Pest Control

Pest control is often the one topic that no one wants to own and it is often regarded as a "necessary evil" rather than a tool to help the factory. This is hardly surprising when so many times in audits, it is the pest control that is found to be lacking, or even worse, found to have failed and there is now an infestation to be dealt with.

Often pest control services are based entirely on price and there is no support or monitong from the site -as a result the service fails.

We believe that a different approach is required. We believe that pest prevention should be an integrated part of every factory¹s day-to-day activity. Pest prevention depends on good hygiene standards, so it should be part of the hygiene program. Keeping pests out is linked to maintenance - so in our opinion, it should be part of the engineers brief.

A good quality pest inspection is another pair of eyes helping to spot potential problems, so pest control should be part of the technical remit. If we integrate it into the factory systems then it is no longer a problem, it is a solution.

Pest control is not just about putting down baits and then checking boxes, it is about assessing the risk areas, understanding pest behaviour and taking the appropriate action to reduce the risks. Getting it right means that you are not only getting pest control right but that your hygiene standards are right, your maintenance program is right and your management of the business is right. GLL and Precision have demonstrated this approach in numerous factories and we know it works. We can now offer a combined service, bringing together the expertise of Precision with the factory and management expertise of GLL to give you a complete hygiene and food safety service that incorporates all of your risk management into one package.

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