Process Control

The manufacturing arena is a fast-moving place, new products, changes to existing product and even more rules and regulations to contend with. So when do you get the time to look hard at your processes and evaluate their capability? Many companies don't, and so suffer the consequences:

  • Processes that don't achieve the standard consistently
  • Excessive rejects, often resulting in high waste or repacking costs
  • Excessive waste levels
  • Too much give-away against standard
  • Quality issues
  • Poor efficiencies

If some or all of these are raising their heads in your factory then you need to consider getting some help sorting out your processes. Our consultants have a great deal of experience in working with factories to establish process capability and to ensure specifications are achievable and sensible. They can help with the design and operation of your equipment to ensure you get the best from it and that it is capable of delivering your requirements.

You could be amazed at the savings that are generated; one of our clients reported an 8% improvement in overall line efficiency. If you think we can be of assistance to you then do get in touch and you could end up saving a bundle.

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