Quality Systems (BRC)

The BRC standard is almost universal in food factories now, and if implemented fully and properly, it provides a practical and robust foundation for your company's quality management system. When implemented fully it also covers the vast majority of the requirements of all of the retailers and other key standards with only minor additions necessary. GLL uses the BRC standard as the base for its quality systems.

Many factories have developed and changed their systems over the years to keep up with the changing demands of the retailers and other standards and as a result they have tried to bolt on the additional elements but over the years instead of the shiny formula 1 car they wanted, they end up with a mini, with so many go-faster goodies bolted on, it has difficulty in moving at all.

If your QMS has become almost unmanageable and unworkable then it is time for a major re-build. No need to throw away all of that hard work, you just need to start with the right foundations then build in the procedures, records and work instructions, many from your old system so that they become a logical part of a logical system.

The benefits are tremendous. You will have a system that delivers real results where it matters - in the factory. It will take much less effort to manage it, because the whole factory will have bought into it, and most of all it will be used by the people that matter the operators, supervisors and managers in the factory.

GLL have significant experience in helping companies re-build their quality systems and also in moving from one standard to another, e.g. from SALSA to BRC.

We also work with new companies to design and build quality systems from the ground up and so far all have achieved BRC Grade A on the first audit.

If you want to make things even better then have a look at our compliance management software that helps automate many of the tasks that take up time.

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