Supplier Auditing

Auditing is a key part of your due diligence and an integral part of continuous improvement, yet finding the time to do it well is not easy. At GLL we know that your time is precious, so we have a full range of auditing services to choose from.

If you have problems sorting out your supplier base and ensuring your suppliers are properly risk-assessed, approved, have the right documentation and are audited at the right frequency? Do you find it difficult to keep up, let alone ensure that corrective actions agreed with the suppliers are implemented and reported back to you? If your suppliers don't get it right you can end up buying problems not raw materials.

We will prepare all of the documentation, help with the risk assessments, manage the supplier self-assessments and carry out the audits. We can manage the close-out of corrective actions and even liaise with your buying department, providing an integrated supplier management strategy. We can carry out one-off audits to help you keep up to date or at the other end of the scale we can provide fully managed auditing programmes with automated web-based reporting and follow-up.

Whether its ingredient suppliers, packaging suppliers or service suppliers such as laundries or pest control we have the experience to carry out your audits.

If you want to make things even better then have a look at the audit module in our compliance management software that helps automate many of the tasks that take up time.

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